Ron Garofalo Photography




My passion for photography may have begun when I was very young.  I remember my Father taking me for walks and showing me faces and shapes in the clouds, stimulating my imagination into seeing more than what was apparent.  Today I still strive to do that, to create a personal viewpoint that expresses what I see of the world around me.  I search for a vision that can embrace the beauty of the moment and the frame that isolates the subject to create the photograph.  Two important aspects for me as a photographer are “time” and ”isolation”.  Time - the moment frozen, be it fractions of a second or minuets, isolation - the inclusion of the subject within the boundaries of the camera frame.  I ponder light, value, space, line, color and shape within the composition and freeze the moment with a click, never to be exactly the same ever again.




My trip to Italy’s Tuscany region occurred in the beginning of October 2010.  The original intent to photographing the area was to go beyond the surface and capture its heart and soul, to dig deep into it’s being and life and to try to understand what it means to me.  I found beauty in the landscapes of distant hills to the details found in the back yard where we stayed.  The photographs for this show “Tuscan Landscapes” would not be complete without the details, the olives and fruit that make up the texture and fiber of the larger picture.  To me these photographs express the essence of the moments and the textures of the land.